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my boyfriend is awesome.
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My boyfriend and I have planned a road trip around Europe. I cant wait!

We are gonna take soooo many photos, when we get back there will be so many rolls of film to get developed.

So excited!

Posted 2 years ago

All I need is a new job and I will be really happy with life :)

I haven’t been this happy in so long. I’m doing my photography which I love, have an awesome boyfriend who makes me smile and all I need now is to quit my part time job for something that actually motivates me. 

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I’ve just been collecting photos for future wedding ideas. I dont even have a boyfriend.

Forever Aloneeee

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happy :)

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webcam vanity. Off out byeee
Posted 2 years ago
I have the urge to watch Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. I love that film.
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oh hey there
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People make me furious.

What gives ANYONE the rights to reblog a girls photo of herself saying ‘This is the ugliest picture I’ve ever seen.’

Do they think that they have the right to declare what beauty is?

Beauty is only skin deep anyway, and if you have the nerve to tell someone they arn’t (your definition of) beautiful, then YOU are the ugly one because your personality is shocking.

When you say something bad about someone you have NO idea what state of mind they are in, what situations they are going through or ANYTHING about how they think. 

How would you feel if your selfish comment took a life for example.

I hope that one second of pleasure would be worth it, cus you would deserve to be miserable for the rest of your life.

Cant stand bullying. Bullies, go die, seriously.

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Someone set me up with a handsome gentleman.

But he must not smoke or do drugs,

Must love Starwars

Must love cuddles and be full of kind words

Must take some pride in his appearance 

Must be mature but with a childish sense of humour

Have a good job or one he cares about 

Must not go out drinking in clubs every weekend

Must be aged between 20 and 25

Must not be a ‘lad’

Must want children and marriage before he’s 30 and not be scared of it

I dont think I’m really asking too much…

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